Sunday, May 26


The recent outbreak of the coronavirus has left everyone in shock. Due to the rising tally, many countries imposed a strict lockdown over the past few months. Experts are still not sure about when this pandemic would be over. The educational sector suffered a lot because of this situation. Now as this phase seems never-ending, it seems as if we would have to learn to live in this situation and it has become the new normal. After delaying the decision for a couple of months, educational sector ministers decided in the recent meeting to reopen schools from the 15th of September 2020. Keeping the circumstances in view, there should be some measures to ensure the safety of students as well as all the administration and faculty. Coronavirus spreads through respiratory droplets released when the infected person talks, coughs, or sneezes. Keeping this in mind, children and all the people present in school should wear cloth face coverings which prevent the spread of these droplets. Moreover, soaps in the washrooms should be replaced with handwash bottles and the handwash pumps should be sanitized after each use. Along with it, a person should be assigned to clean the washrooms after each use and spray disinfectants on all the knobs, handles, and railings. The person assigned for this duty must wear PPE gear while performing his duty so he too remains safe. Every child must carry a small hand sanitizer in their bags and must sanitize their hands every half an hour. Tables should also be placed in certain spots with hand sanitizers and tissue boxes in case anyone forgets his bottle, he would be able to use that one. Class timings for each subject should be reduced so that children can go to their homes earlier. Borrowing of things from their fellows like pencils and stationery items should be prohibited and every child must have his stuff. Moreover, students should sit a bit far from their fellows and they must not be gathered in the playground and they shouldn’t enjoy activity periods like sports, music, and library. Every child’s temperature must be taken every morning before he enters the building. To avoid crowds, there should be alternate shifts for classes. For instance grades 2 and 3 could be called to the school in the morning time and grades 10 and 11 could be called in the evening time. Things are not the same anymore, so we need to reshape our education systems and make sure that the possibility of spreading this virus lessens. We must implement these alternatives and take these safety measures to bear the impact of this pandemic.

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